Brown Development Group, LLC is a commercial real estate investment and development firm with a longstanding reputation of expertise, innovation, quality and success throughout Florida. BDG’s ability to anticipate and respond to evolving market conditions over the course of five decades has resulted in a diverse and extensive portfolio of commercial projects encompassing more than 10 million square feet. Storage facilities, warehouses, shopping centers, office buildings, condominium conversions, apartments, multi-family residential and mixed-use developments are some of the many projects in which BDG has engaged. Different locales present different challenges, but strategic site selection coupled with an ability to maximize value and deliver a product of quality and elegance are the crucial elements the company employs to achieve success. BDG is proficient in all aspects of land acquisition, site selection, land planning, entitlements and the zoning process. It’s expertise in negotiating complex entitlement issues such as site plan approvals, land use and zoning restrictions, and neighborhood concerns is highly advantageous, particularly in Florida’s competitive market.

Analyzing the potential and determining the highest and best use of a real estate asset is essential in today’s market. Through its longstanding involvement in the Florida real estate market, BDG has acquired the resources and expertise to make accurate and insightful determinations regarding land use. By correctly anticipating future trends and expansion based on extensive research, BDG has capitalized on its real estate ventures. BDG is adept at identifying undervalued or otherwise promising locations, purchasing those sites, and enhancing their value significantly by improvements in infrastructure and zoning. Expertise, timing and knowledge are requisite, and BDG has proven its ability in this regard.


One of BDG’s most prominent ventures is Budget Mini Storage, a self-storage facility business and subsidiary of BDG. Beginning in 1994 during the nascent growth of the self-storage industry, Budget Mini Storage (BMS) developed, owned, and operated 16 high-end multi-story self-storage facilities encompassing more than 1.8 million square feet located throughout Dade and Broward counties. These technologically advanced facilities featured state-of-the-art security systems allowing for 24-hour individual ingress and egress. Superior locations and the high visibility frontage of the facilities allowed for incorporation of retail space for BMS as well as other commercial tenants. In connection with the operation of all 16 facilities, BMS managed a work force of approximately 100 employees, directed marketing programs, and owned and operated a trucking company comprised of a fleet of 50 moving trucks. BMS continued to own and operate these facilities until 2004 when it sold the facilities to Public Storage, Inc., capitalizing on the exponential growth of the industry during that ten year period.

Fed Ex

Located in the heart of Downtown Miami, the Federal Express Distribution Center is a unique multi-story facility. A hybrid structure consisting of an industrial warehouse, corporate offices and retail space, this challenging project required BDG’s ingenuity and expertise to accommodate the needs of Federal Express and its high-volume business while working within the confines imposed by the City of Miami. Specifically, BDG had to configure a fluid, functional factory-warehouse within a constrained footprint in a busy, developed downtown area and harmonize the structure with traffic and other impact considerations. Given the highly visible location of the property, BDG also had to ensure that the structure was aesthetically attractive. This project in particular highlights the amalgamation of talent, creativity and expertise that BDG provides.

Shopping Centers

Brown Development Group began developing shopping centers in South Florida in 1970 and was a pioneer in the expansion of the southwest Miami-Dade County commercial corridor.   Anticipating the growth and the resulting demand for the area, BDG developed more than 700,000 square feet of retail space, and they continue to own and operate many of these centers. As such, BDG has significant experience in shopping center design and construction, governmental regulations and approvals, lease negotiations, tenant design and build-out, and daily management and operations. BDG’s demographic analysis and studies of feasibility have resulted in a successful mix of tenants that includes companies such as LA Fitness, Publix, Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Eckerd Drugs, Burger King, Vitamin Shoppe, Toys R Us, Ross, Blockbuster, Pier One, El Dorado Furniture, For-Eyes Optical and many other nationally and locally recognized brands. Prime locations in areas of high density and demand as well as an ability to maximize value and provide deliver quality construction has led to BDG’s continuing success in the shopping center industry.


In addition to commercial properties, BDG has developed numerous residential projects throughout the years as dictated by market demands. Development of more than 4,000 multi-family units, garden apartments, and condominium conversion units throughout Dade and Broward Counties make up an impressive part of the BDG portfolio of successfully completed projects.